Nudity, still being a taboo, is frequently mentioned with a doze of controversy.

Whether you have already decided you want to capture your body in nude or you are just tempted by an idea of a boudoir photoshoot, let me show what you can expect from working with me. Your previous experience in front of the camera is not very important, I welcome anybody who is willing to take a leap and wants to experience being photographed in nude. 

Let's put it straight - don't expect Boudoir photography.  I only shoot art boudoir on very special request and with much stress on 'art' rather than anything else... If you are interested in that we can discuss it HERE.

The whole shoot evolves around you and I invite you to collaborate with me in creating unique images with you as central piece. You will experience a powerful process that will result with original, one-of-the-kind artworks. Have a look what my previous sitters thought of our collaboration [nude art testimonials

Nude photoshoot usually takes place in the studio, client's house or agreed location. We can do it where you feel most confident and relaxed. 

When working in the studio I use light and space around you to find forms and capture your features. Studio background mostly is an empty canvas to accompany you. Do not worry about posing, I don't direct as such, I rather let you be you. While we carry on shooting we will discover what works and what doesn't. The space, background music, time of the day and how you feel on the day - it all matters and influences final image. You are one of king and so is each photo session. It has its own mood, pace and dynamics and therefore is unique - that's the beauty of collaboration. 

It takes courage and vulnerability to stand in front of the lens naked and my job is to make space where you would feel confident and free. I won't 'make' you to do anything you wouldn't feel comfortable doing. I could suggest poses and offer ideas, but at the end it is you who say yes or no to that -- and I follow your lead. 

It can be a lot to digest. Take a moment to sit with it and if you need more information, get in touch, and I will send you all the details you need to decide. If you prefer to have a chat we can schedule a phone call.

Lastly, if you would like to hear about the costs of your nude photoshoot just click HERE.  


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